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Copper Heat Sink Fins

Copper Heat Sink Fins

Acg Cooler is very experienced in producing many kinds of extruded heat sinks, cpu heat sinks ,cooler, pin fin, zipper fin, and aluminum base.

Copper heat sink fins

  Copper heat sink fins mainly include four varieties: copper pin fin, copper skived fin, copper zipper fin, and copper folded fin. they are wildly used in thermal products.

  Copper pin fin:

this kind of fin is made by cold forging, the shape is customized, it's often made as round fin.

Copper skived fin:

Skived fin is made by special machine and it's cut from a copper block.

Copper Zipper fin:

Copper zipper fin is stamped from a stamping machine with specified tooling.

copper zipper fin.jpg

We are known as one of the leading heat- sinks and relating hardware manufacturers and suppliers in China. Please rest assured to buy our copper heat sink fins, and the customized orders are also welcome. For quotation, welcome to contact our factory.
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