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Skived Fin Heat Sink Copper

Skived Fin Heat Sink Copper

0 mm flow length x 60 mm width x 14 mm height. This Copper heat sink mounts with Brass Push Pins and has a AavSHIELD 3C finish



this is a copper skived fin heat sink, and it has a high density and better thermal performance.When passing through the machine, slabs are skived in a specific angle so as to form and bend the fins. With the repetitive cutting, it forms consistent gaps and structures and can be used for cooling high-power devices under air-cooled conditions. This process can enhance 8~15% of the cooling capacity as compared to the stitched fin process.

Product Overview

                            Square Skived Fin
Length: 60 mm (2.362 in.)
Width: 60 mm (2.362 in.)
Height: 14 mm (0.551 in.)
Device: BGA, FPGA
Material: Copper
Finish: AavSHIELD 3C
Heat Sink Mounting Direction: Horizontal
Heat Sink Mounting: Brass Push Pins
RoHS: Compliant

Drawings shot

copper skived fin heat sinks.png

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