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Skived Fin Heat Sink

Skived Fin Heat Sink

The machining process of skived fin heatsinks uses cutting tools and a controlled slicing technique to manufacture heatsinks from a solid block of aluminum or copper.It can be produced with higher aspect ratio and thinner fin than extruded heat sinks.So it can provide a greater thermal performance.


Product Overview

                            Square Skived Fin
Length: 70 mm (2.756 in.)
Width: 69 mm (2.717 in.)
Height: 14 mm (0.551 in.)
Standoff: 0 mm (0 in.)
Device: BGA, FPGA
Material: Copper
Finish: AavSHIELD 3C
Heat Sink Mounting Direction: Horizontal
Heat Sink Mounting: Brass Push Pins
Device Attachment: Laird TPCM 585 Phase Change Material
RoHS: Compliant

Note: the dimension ,material and surface finish can be customized.

The benefits of skived fin heat sinks:

Higher aspect ratio

Thinner fin thickness

Easier and inexpensive tooling cost for sample building.

Greater thermal performance

More flexible in production

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